Open letter from Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi to AU-ECOSOCC Head of Secretariat - Dr Jinmi Adisa

Pretoria (South Africa), Nov. 21, 2016 (SPS) – Open letter from Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi to AU-ECOSOCC Head of Secretariat - Dr Jinmi Adisa:

“Open Letter to the AU-ECOSOCC Head of Secretariat - Dr Jinmi Adisa

Subject: Morocco’s King of Shame, countering diplomatic roguery in the attempt to humiliating former AU Chairman – HE. President Robert Mugabe in Marrakesh

Dear Dr Adisa,

We have all watched with disdain this subject matter that today is becoming a nuisance to the proper functioning of the psyche of our Africanity – the attempted humiliation of the King of Morocco against President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the paradise of COP22.

We as progressive Pan-Africans have deeply condemned such act to sabotaging the value of true Pan-Africanism which is no other than a United Africa free from ‘imperial design’ which is the value upheld by President Robert Mugabe as the last hammar to the tip of the nail against Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara as the UN Secretary General HE. Ban Ki-Moon confidently reiterated in April this year.

This is one of the too many insult and arrogance we as Africans are humiliated by Morocco’s King who today still undermined the struggle for the liberation of Africa as Morocco continually positioned itself in the cloud of a neo-colonial sister, making Morocco the new and last colonial master in Africa in the canopy of a ‘slave - slave’ or the ‘better slave syndrome’. It is within this context that the Kingdom of Morocco as a counter measure to justice, truth and freedom for all Africans has resolved in humiliating or expulsing all who attempt to denounce the illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco of which President Robert Mugabe’s position is clear on Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

The same Morocco who had left the then Organization of African Unity in 1984 when the Autonomy and Sovereignty of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was recognized by the OAU and the now AU. The same ‘better slave’ is attempting to re-join the house, what a shame! under a leadership of shame!

Sir, you will bear with me that it is time you put your house in order. It is time we must do an introspection to ensuring that within the range of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the AU-ECOSOCC, we must expel all pro-Moroccan lobbyist in the ECOSOCC. We cannot come thus far in building a stronger African Union only to be destroyed by puppets of colonial heirs. You might ponder asking how can this be done? There is only one moral compass still available today to check any form of progressive civil society organizations…all CSOs who opposed Morocco’s invasion and continual illegal occupation of Western Sahara is progressive.

I will like to remind you that the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) was established in 2004 as an advisory organ to the AU composed of civil society organisations (CSOs). And below is your mandate;

● Contributing, through advice, to the effective translation of the AU’s objectives, principles and policies into concrete programmes, as well as evaluating those programmes

● Undertaking studies and making recommendations

● Contributing to the promotion and realisation of the AU’s vision and objectives

●Contributing to the promotion of human rights, the rule of law, good governance, democratic principles, gender equality and child rights

● Promoting and supporting the efforts of institutions engaged in reviewing the future of Africa and forging pan-African values in order to enhance an African social model and way of life

● Fostering and consolidating partnership between the AU and CSOs

● Assuming functions referred to it by other AU organs.

We as AFRISOSA intend just position ourselves on the mandate highlighted above. In fact the history of pain suffered by Africans both in Africa and in the Diaspora can never be experienced again at such time in life. As for you Dr Adisa, might be God has kept you at the ECOSOCC in times like this. We will therefore urge you to play the politics of justice and truth and to say no to ‘politics of the belly’ as my friend Dr. Alemazung put it. The youtube link below will take you to the humiliation addressed in this open letter.

In Solidarity


1 Mr. Atabongwoung Gallous, Chairperson Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi

2 Mr. Timothy Kisuule - Director of Education and training Institute of Southern Africa

3 Ms. Winnie Arinaitwe – Lecturer at ROSTEC College Pretoria South Africa

4 Ms. Lillian Kamwine – Consultant at ROSTEC College South Africa

5 Mr. David Junior Mogwere Modise – Student South Africa

6 Prof Kenneth Masok – Civil Right Activist- Cameroon

7 Mr. Etchi Egbe Roger – Author and lecturer Paradise of Angel College – Cameroon

8 Ms. Lerato Bridget – Business Consultant-Pretoria South Africa

9 Dr. Vincent Okala– Editor, The Times Presidency

10Mr. Ransom Quao – Senior lecturer Rosebank College Pretoria 11 Sam Okedebusa – Sports man

12 Patrick Mosange –Business

13 Ms. Valerie Severin – Women Empowerment Advocate-France

14 Ms. Olaocha Nwabara – PhD Candidate University of Michigan USA

15 Dr. Patrick Tanyi – University of Concordia Canada

16 Ms. Darcy Longpre – Department of Toxicology Health Canada

17 Mr. Madalitso Phiri – PhD Candidate University of South Africa

18 Mr. Sunday Onyeka Ezekiel – Student Nigeria

19 Pastor Emmanuel Malyango – Mbabane Swaziland

20 Macus Qunita – Human Rights Lawyer 21 David Ogou – Former President of NAMAS

23 Ms. Agha Nicole – Consultant and Model South Africa

24 Mr. Aimee Guy Djamen – Manager: Corporate Services, Centre for Business Management

25 Mr. Ndiva Mboua - Economist

26 Mr. Hazel Nwateh – Centre for Disease Control Cameroon

27 Ms. Veronique Tchadieu – TM Switzerland

28 Ms. Martha Emetem – COO, Cameroon Women in Dialogue

29 Ms. Miranda Strydom – Former Journalist

30 Ms. Christensia Asong– IWEYELBO Marry Land USA

31 Ms. Amanda Dlamini – President of The African Pioneers and member of the African Youth Coalition.

32 Ms. Kenti Magubane – Vice Chair, Hard Conversation

33 Ms. Theresa Strydom – Social Worker

34 Mr. Akpan Isaac – Kiev Ukraine

36 Mr. Acha Egerd – Consultant Cape Town South Africa

37 Mr. Suraya Kiri Khan 38 George Khumbukani – Metropolyclinic Malawi

39 Professor Serge Kamga – Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

40. Dunstan Plumberg – CEO Heart of Christ Inc.

41. Kopano More -Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi


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