Violent suppression of protest against plundering of Western Sahara's natural resources

Occupied Aaiun, June 30, 2016 (SPS) - Moroccan occupation forces intervened violently to disperse a Sahrawi protest against the presence of the Polish company Geofizyka Krakow in Western Sahara, working for Morocco, said Wesdnesday the Sahrawi news agency SPS.

"The company has been contracted by Morocco to conduct seismic studies in the occupied territories of Western Sahara," said the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Sahrawi Community Abroad, quoted by SPS.

The participants were peacefully protesting against the plundering of the natural resources and the presence of foreign companies, like the Polish firm Geofizyka Krakow, in Western Sahara, in violation of the international law and the right of Sahrawi people to benefit from their natural resources, added the source.

On Tuesday the Central Bank of Norway has excluded two oil companies (Cairn Energy and Kosmos Energy) contracted by Morocco to operate off Western Sahara, because of the "graves violations of the fundamental ethics."

Western Sahara, Africa's last colony, has been occupied by Morocco since 1975. SPS