Sahrawi army is prepared to respond to any eventuality‏

Bir Lahlou, March 29,2016  (SPS) .- The Saharawi troops have begun military exercises to raise the level of readiness and combat capability of the Sahrawi fighter to defend national sovereignty and to face all kinds of threats and eventualities.


Troops from the Fifth Region SPLA (Saharawi People´s Liberation Army) have conducted military exercises Monday in the region of Bir Lahlou in accordance to orders of Staff of the Saharawi Army


Maneuvers which last several hours were undertaken by combat units of infantry, artillery, support units, air defense, engineering and supply units armed.


the said Maneuvers of the Saharawi forces simulates a surprise attack in the early hours of the morning to military units in Morocco stationed behind the defensive belt, where the Sahrawi units advance after demining the land and occupy military bases of the enemy with support from the artillery and air defense.


The General Staff of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army decided at its meeting in Bir Lahlou to initiate combat exercises at the level of all Saharawi regions to raise the level of preparedness of the Sahrawi fighter .SPS