Wednesday, 18/10/2017
Wilaya de Auserd, Oct 18,2017 (SPS) - The Consultative Council, on Wednesday, called on the international community to end the suffering of the Saharawi people, which lasted more than four decades. The Saharawi Consultative Council Vice-President, Abba Mohamed Moulud Abbali, said in an address on behalf of his organ, on the occasion of the... + continue reading

Occupied zones

Sunday, 15/10/17
Gulemim (South of Morocco), October 15, 2017 (SPS) - The administration of the local prison of Bozkarn, Morocco, on Friday transferred human rights defender and Saharawi political prisoner Yahia... + continue reading


Tuesday, 17/10/17
The Moroccan authorities have spent decades imprisoning Saharawis who support self-determination in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara. They then send detainees to prisons in Morocco, thus... + continue reading