WSRW urges EU to refrain from concluding fishing agreement with Morocco

London (United Kingdom) Nov13,2012(SPS) - Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) called on the European Union to back UN efforts to resolve Western Sahara conflict, by refraining from concluding fishing agreement with Morocco, the NGO said on its website.
"Without consulting the people of Western Sahara, the EU tries to conclude an agreement with Morocco, under the same conditions as those rejected by the European Parliament in 2011," the source said.
"The European Union has made no effort to consult Saharawi people, which makes of the agreement a violation of the international law."

Current negotiations between the EU and Morocco "could not be held at a worse time, as they came just after the ban to UN chief’s personal envoy (for Western Sahara) to carry out his tour in the region to revive peace talks," said Erik Hagen, the president of the WSRW.(SPS)


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