Violent aggression against the Saharawi political prisoners in Salé

Salé (Morocco), Feb 12, 2012 (SPS) - The Moroccan repressive forces violently and brutally attacked Saturday the Saharawi political prisoners incarcerated in the Moroccan jail of Salé, informed a source of the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad.

The Saharawi political prisoners, known as the group of Gdeim Izik, has been surprised by the assault of some fifty Moroccan soldiers armed with sticks and batons, who proceeded to raid rooms of the prisoners and theft of their personal items, the source said.

The group of detainees was assaulted, tortured, in addition they stripped from their needs provided by their families, added the source.

It should be recalled that the group of the Saharawi political prisoners incarcerated in Salé’s Moroccan jail consists of 23 detainees, including human rights activists have been arrested since November 2010 on the ground of their participation Gdeim Izik camp’s events.

Since then, they languished in the prison of Salé, Morocco, waiting to be brought before a military court on the ground of fabricated charges of “prejudice to the security of the Moroccan state.” (SPS)



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