UN General Assembly adopts a resolution supporting Saharawi people’s right to self-determination

New York (UN) December20,2012(SPS)  - The UN General Assembly on Wednesday adopted a resolution on Western Sahara issue in which it supports the negotiation process "to reach a solution that allows the determination of Western Sahara people "while praising efforts by envoy staff for Western Sahara, Christopher Ross.
 In the context of the situation of the 16 non-autonomous territories still on the UN decolonization list, the General Assembly endorsed the resolution on Western Sahara that it had been seized by the Fourth Commission on Decolonization on the "implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples."
Under the terms of the resolution on the question of Western Sahara, adopted without vote by the delegations of Member States, "the General Assembly supports the negotiation process in order to achieve a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution that allows determination of the people of Western Sahara and commends the efforts in this regard by the UN Secretary General and his Personal Envoy Christopher Ross, "says the text.(SPS)


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