Tangier: Meet Abdellah El Harif on transfers of current policies in Morocco

The national secretary of “democratic way” (Annahj Addimocrati) Abdellah El Harif, will host Friday, August 19 to Tanger a meeting with the theme: The current political change in Morocco.
The meeting should be held at Complexe craft (near the Garden Emsallah) from 21 h.
Tangier section of the party, this event commemorates the celebration of the organization 41èmeanniversaire Ila Al Amame (Forward)
Marxist-Leninist political movement Moroccan ‘Ila Al Amame “was born in 1970 from a split with the PLS (Party of Liberation and Socialism) ex-Communist Party of Morocco. He was very established in the student environment, particularly within the National Union of Students of Morocco (UNEM).
Among its founders there were, the opponent of the regime: Abraham Serfaty and the poet Abdellatif Laâbi and Raymond Benhaïm.
This particular movement proclaimed “the right to self-determination of the people of Western Sahara” in opposing this in a front to the official position of the kingdom.
It was very severely repressed during the dark years under the reign of late King Hassan II.
Among his Saida Menebhi martyrs, who died in prison following a hunger strike in December 1977, Abdellatif Zeroual died under torture in 1974, or Amine Tahani died under torture November 6, 1985.
Converted into a political party a few years ago, the democratic process is undoubtedly the party furthest to the left of the political landscape of Morocco. The party has campaigned openly for the boycott of parliamentary elections in 2007. For Abdellah El Harif, “participate in the elections returns to validate some practice policy that we refuse. We refuse to be mere transmission belts of power [Palace]. ” Annahj Addimocrati is one of coordination to support the motion on February 20 along with left-wing parties such as the PSU (Unified Socialist Party) and the PADS (Party pioneering democratic and socialist), but also the largest Moroccan Islamist organization: Justice and Charity (Al Adl wal Ihssane).
Marocution, 15/08/2011


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