Strategic Conflict Resolution Group calls on SC to pressure Morocco to overturn the sentences against Gdeim Izik group

Leesburg (USA) Feb21, 2013(SPS) the American- based Organization Strategic Conflict Resolution Group ,on Wednesday called on the United Nation Security Council to exert pressure on Morocco to overturn arbitrary sentences against25 Saharawi political prisoners by Moroccan military court.
“We call on the United Nations Security Council to pressure Morocco to overturn the sentences,” writes chairman of the Group, Don L. Pepper, to president of the United Nations Security Council.
“We are writing about the deteriorating situation in the Western Sahara. The sentencing of 24 Saharawi activists by a Moroccan military tribunal this weekend is a travesty of justice”
"Due to these sentences and the reported human rights abuses the situation in the Western Sahara is escalating rapidly and adds more uncertainty to the already challenging situation in the territory and in the whole region.”
“We believe that the United Nations should act decisively to avoid another crisis of unprecedented consequences to international peace and security.”
The Strategic Conflict Resolution Group urged the United Nations “to strengthen its mission in the territory and to organize the long promised referendum on self-determination.”
This American organization called on the United Nations to “conduct an impartial investigation about the violent dismantlement of GdeimIzik camp in 2010.(SPS)


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