Seventh summit of AFLPM closed and approves ambitious action plan (communiqué

Abuja, July 29, 2012 (SPS) - Work of the 7th summit of African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) wrapped up Friday in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, with the ratification of an ambitious plan of action over the next two years 2012-2014 aiming to “make African woman at the heart of the continent’s battle to consolidate the foundations of peace, conflict resolution by peaceful means and winning the battle of development based on pairing between human development and economic progress.”

“African woman and her symbolism along with her effective presence in the configuration and maintenance of values, in addition to her great contributions in past and present of the continent, make her in the site engine to peace-making and consolidating its foundations all over Africa,” asserted the final communiqué of the Summit.

The plan of action includes the engagement to complete several projects at the level of African countries including those relating to the programmes of training and educations for African women, elimination of violence against women especially in the places of armed conflicts, raising representation of women and their presence in policy-making centers, African women and promotion of human rights, African women and the media and her role to protect the environment.

The summit agreed that AFLPM headquarters will be built in Abuja, which will monitor the plan of action and searching for founding sources.

A Saharawi delegation led by the Minister of Culture Ms. Khadija Hamdi and composed of Sukeina Larabas, POLISARIO Representative to Norway, Saharawi Ambassador in Abuja Abbi Bachraya Bachir and First Secretary of Saharawi Embassy in Nigeria Lehbib Ali Salem attended the summit that took place on 24-27 July 2012 in Abuja. (SPS)



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