Saharawi Imams asks Islamic world to break silence in occupied Western Sahara

Boujdour (refugee camps), Feb 24, 2013 (SPS) - Participants at the 4th training session of Saharawi Imams have asked Imams of the Islamic world to act in favour of breaking the wall of silence imposed on Moroccan regime injustice and oppression in the occupied Western Sahara.

In a communiqué a copy of it reached SPS, Saharawi Imams asked their counterparts in Morocco to break their silence, which lasted for forty years, on the injustice and oppression practiced against their Saharawi brethren, recalling them to what an brotherly Arab and Muslim people faces at the hands of Moroccan regime.

“There is no better example of this than the unfair martial trial we have seen these days against our civilian brothers, prisoners of Gdeim Izik, for no reason except that they are advocating for an authentic, legitimate and inalienable right, which is, as you know, the departure of oppressive occupier from our precious land and lifting the injustice and oppression imposed on our defenseless people,” reads the communiqué.

The communiqué went on saying: “as we approach the end of the training session of Saharawi Imams, we want to show our solidarity with families of Moroccan oppression and through you with all the Saharawi, wherever they might be,” calling them to patience and to the submission to Allah’s Will.

The training session convened on February 20-23, 2013 under supervision of the Saharawi Minister of Religious Affairs, and in the presence of Algerian Imams. (SPS)



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