President appoints governors of Wilayas

Chahed El Hafed (refugee camps), January 4, 2012 (SPS) - President of the Republic and Secretary Genarl of Polisario Front, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz conducted Tuesday the appointment of governors of wilayas and representatives abroad of  Polisario Front , according to a statement concluded the work of the first ordinary session of the National Secretariat.
The appointed governors are:
Salem Labsir, member of the National Secretariat, Wali of Dakhla.
 Edda Hmeim Brahim, a member of the National Secretariat, Wali of Smara.
Salek Baba Hassanna, member of the National Secretariat, Wali of 'Aousserd.
 Hamma Bounia, wali of El Aaiun, Azza Bobih, Director of the February 27 school.
 Selma Mounak, Head of political Unit of Chahed El Hafed.
SG of Wilayas and departments:
Fatma Bella, SG of the Wilaya of Smara.
 Salama Mohamed Youssef, Department of Transport
Two representatives of Polisario Front were appointed to Sweden and Portugal, respectively, Alian Habib Kentaoui and Ahmed Vall Mohamed Yahdih. (SPS)


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