Polisario Front calls on Ibero-American states to help settling Western Sahara conflict

Seville, Nov 17, 2012 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO, through a delegation taking part at the 22nd Ibero-American Summit in Cadiz (Seville), has asked representatives of the Ibero-American states to issue a new call to the international community to help settling the Western Sahara conflict, in a statement released Friday a copy of it reached SPS.

The statement stressed that Western Sahara is “the only Arab nation in northern Africa to speak Spanish, this has helped Western Sahara to tighten relations between the Saharawi people and Ibero-American nations,” adding that these ties “were reinforced with the public support from many of those countries, especially at the UN.”

POLISARIO delegation called on the Ibero-American heads of state and government to issue a new call to the international community to help settle the Western Sahara conflict, hoping it will serve “as vehicle to further tighten the relations between Spanish-speaking communities and the Arab world, Africa and Latin America.”

The Organization of Ibero-American is an intergovernmental organization, which comprising the Portuguese and Spanish speaking nations of America and Europe, plus Equatorial Guinea in Africa. (SPS)



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