POLISARIO demands international protection for Saharawi citizens facing Morocco’s oppression

Bir Lehlou (liberated territories), Nov 2, 2012 (SPS) - POLISARIO Front has called on the international community to protect the Saharawi civilians, after Moroccan occupying forces violently dispersed Thursday peaceful demonstration in occupied El Aaiun (capital of Western Sahara) coinciding with Ross visit, indicated a letter sent Friday by the President of the Republic and Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“This new intervention reflects Moroccan government’s insistence to escalate its repressive methods towards the defenseless and peaceful Saharawi citizens. Thus, while we condemn these serious methods of intimidation, we warn of new Moroccan steps in the same direction, given the current developments as well as precedents and record of Moroccan government in the field of gross human rights violations,” wrote President Mohamed Abdelaziz.

President of the Republic said that Morocco wanted through these raids and repression to direct a blow to Ross visit as to thwart international efforts aiming at resolving Western Sahara conflict on the basis of the respect for the principle of self-determination and peoples’ right to independence.

He also expressed belief that the international community cannot accept such practices occurring over a territory under direct responsibility of the United Nations, pending decolonization.

“Hence, we are appealing to you again to assume full responsibility and take all necessary measures and procedures to protect the unarmed Saharawi citizens from the oppression of occupation, and to prevent recurrence of this condemned brutal acts, as to enable them their legitimate rights of expression, movement, association and peaceful protest,” concluded Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz. (SPS)



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