POLISARIO condemns all forms of terrorism and organized crime in Sahel

Algiers, Dec 16, 2012 (SPS) - The Polisario Front condemned Saturday all forms of terrorism and organized crime in the Sahel region, while expressing its support to the unity and territorial integrity of Mali.

“The Sahrawi State and the Polisario Front expressed their willingness to carry out their duties in this sense going from the decision of the international community and the African Union to which we are proud to belong to,” said Saturday the Saharawi Prime Minister in a speech at the 3rd conference on the right of peoples to resistance; case of the Saharawi people held in Algiers.

“Through its occupation of Western Sahara, the Moroccan regime hindered the construction of Arab Maghreb Union and the cooperation between its peoples on the basis of the international legality and human rights, said the Saharawi PM, while underlining that this latter encourages the organized crime as the producing and exporting countries of drugs necessary to the financing of terrorist groups and organizations which are in turn a threat to the stability and security of the region.”

After condemning “this immoral behaviour of the Moroccan regime,” he called on the international community to “put pressure” on Morocco so that it respects the international legality and UN decisions. (SPS)



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