Organization of farewell ceremony in honour of ex-representative of Polisario in UK

London (UK) a farewell ceremony in honour of the ex-representative of the Polisario Front to the United Kingdom Lamin Baali, held on Tuesday at the headquarters of the House of Lords after finished his missions in this country, according to Saharawi representation to UK.
The ceremony was organized by the Lord Dived Asti, and Jeremy Corbin, the President of the British Parliamentary Group with Western Sahara which include twenty parliamentarians from different parties in addition to Sir Robert Botmely from conservative Party as well as the Western Sahara Campaign.
The ceremony was attended by members of the British Parliament and the Common Council in addition to representatives of British syndicates and NGOs as well as writers, layers and professors from various universities.
In this occasion the organizers thanked Lamin Baali on his work during his staying in London and his hard and continuing work to serve the Saharawi cause praising his defense for interests of his People.
For his part lamin, expressed appreciation and gratitude to what he received from friend of the Saharawi people in Britain, praised the contribution of them to persuade the British Government to adopt considered positions supporting political solution guarantying the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination.
 Lamin took this opportunity to call on British politicians to double their efforts to convince Morocco to respect human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and open these territories befor international organizations, media and international observers.
From his part the new representative of the Polisario Front to UK Limam Mohamed Ali, thanked Lamin on his last work, hopping success to him in his new work as Saharawi ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union.
Limam appreciated the British Solidarity movement with the Saharawi issue saying that by this Solidarity movement he has full confidence that “the Saharawi refugees will return back to their independent country soon.”(SPS)


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