Opening of autumn session of Parliament

School of June, 9. December27, 2012(SPS) The autumn session of the Saharawi National Council (Parliament) has opened on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Parliament in School of June9 under the chairman of its President  Khatri Adduh,in presence of members of the Parliament in addition to Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, accompanied by members of his Government.
This ordinary session is devoted to review the annual program of the Government which has been adopted by the legislative body since year ago through the assessment of performance of all ministers in addition to listen to reports prepared by the five Committees and nine Bureaus   of the Parliament as well as oral and written questions of members of the Parliament and answers of the Ministers.
In his opening speech, Speaker of the Parliament, Khatri Adduh said that the year 2012 was full of many accomplishments in the political, social and economic aspects, despite, he said “Morocco is still occupying two thirds of Western Sahara and ignoring our people’s right to self-determination and independence in addition to oppress Saharawi defenseless citizens in occupied territories of Western Sahara and illegally looting its natural resources”
From his part, Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, presented a report on the achievements of the government during the year and the difficulties that faced his government.
He appreciated the situation of the Saharawi cause this year, highlighted many achievements on supporting the Saharawi uprising in the occupied territories, enforcement of readiness of the Saharawi Popular Liberation Army and several victories on the diplomatic field.
PM also raised the normal working of all programs of education, health, social and economic aspects, focusing on the procedures adopted by the Government to improve the security situation.
 On the other side, he pointed out that “the international economic crise has affected all fields of humanitarian assistance for the Saharawi refugees” calling on all donors and international humanitarian organizations to double their efforts to overcome difficulties especially in “health, education and nutrition of the Saharawi refugee camps.” (SPS)


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