New representative of the Frente Polisario received at Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Stockholm, Jan 21, 2012 (SPS) - The New Representative of the Polisario Front to Sweden, Mr. Aliyen Kentaoui, has been received on Friday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden by senior officials who reiterated support for a just solution to Western Sahara conflict, including the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

Mr. Aliyen Kentaoui, who takes office as representative of the Polisario Front in Sweden, came to Stockholm, accompanied by his predecessor Mr. Brahim Mokhtar.

The new representative of the Polisario Front was also received in the Swedish Parliament by the President of the Intergroup for Western Sahara and other parliamentarians, according to a statement of the Representative in Sweden.

The Saharawi representative attended a meeting of the Coordination of Solidarity Network in Sweden and met with the presidents of the Coordination of Solidarity Associations for the Saharawi People.

He therefore made a visit to the headquarters of the NGO Emmaus and held talks with a number of its leaders. (SPS)



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