NAM reiterates support to right of Saharawi people to determination

Tehran, Aug 30, 2012 (SPS) - The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) reiterated Wednesday in Tehran, its support to struggle of the Saharawi people for their right to self-determination.
In a statement issued after a meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers, NAM devoted several paragraphs to the just cause of the Saharawi people, confirming previous resolutions and support for the implementation of United Nations resolutions on the Western Sahara conflict.
 In the joint statement, NAM stressed the need for the Saharawi people to exercise their right to self-determination within the framework of resolution 1514 of the UN General Assembly recognizes the right of peoples to self-determination.
NAM renewed “strong support for the efforts of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his personal envoy Christopher Ross," recalling the responsibility of the international organization to the Saharawi people.
During the meeting attended by the Minister for Latin America, Mohamed Yeslem Beisat, The Saharawi delegation held several bilateral meetings with delegations of countries participating in the event. (SPS)


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