Morocco-EU fisheries agreement, a violation of international law

London,December21,2012(SPS) - President of Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) Erik Hagen said Thursday that by refusing to involve the Saharawi people in negotiations on the fisheries agreement with the European Union (EU), Morocco "violates the international law and undermines UN peace efforts."

"Morocco is not in a position to negotiate with EU on fisheries agreement in a territory which is not Moroccan," said the president of this association, in charge of the protection of natural resources in Western Sahara.
WSRW received a grant of about 7500 euros from the Swedish organization for solidarity with Sahrawi people to support WSWR’s activity in 2013.

"The financial aid will be used by WSWR to stop Morocco-EU trade agreement covering the occupied territories of Western Sahara," said this association on its website.(SPS)



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