French MP calls on Hollande not to veto agaist extension of MINURSO’s mandate

 Paris (France) December19,2012(SPS) - A French member of parliament called on President François Hollande to seize the opportunity of his visit to Algeria to bring “significant” change to the “dramatic” issue of Western Sahara, “the last colony in Africa.”

"During your visit to Algeria, you have an opportunity to achieve   a significant change in this dramatic issue. Saharawi people is the last colonized people in Africa," wrote the deputy M. Hervé Feron, in an open letter to the French President, published on his blog.
Mr. Holland started on Wednesday a tow-day visit to Algeria at the invitation of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Mr. Feron stressed that France " shares responsibility" for the settlement of the Western Sahara issue, noting that during the term of former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, " France, a country of human rights, on two occasions, threatened to use   veto in the Security Council of the UN, against the expansion of the mandate of the MINURSO to include monitoring   of human rights in Western Sahara.”(SPS)


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