Allocating seats for the liberated territories in Parliament will be considered in the next election (Official

Shaheed Al Hafed (refugee camps), Feb 20, 2012 (SPS) - “The topic of allocating parliamentary seats for the municipalities in the Saharawi liberated territories will be considered in the next elections,” the Rapporteur of the Parliament’s Preparatory Committee and Minister of Interior, Mr. Hamada Salma, told Monday SPS, highlighting that the election process “have been accomplished at the level of all regions of the People’s Liberations Army.”

The minister indicated, on the sidelines of the conclusion of the Saharawi Parliament’s election, that the absence of these municipalities in this election “is due to the non-modification of the constitutional article that determine the 53 members of the Saharawi National Council in the Polisario 13th Congress. So, there was a traditional distribution of the seats on the known constituencies.”

He added that the preparatory committee opted first to complete the regulatory procedures for the liberated municipalities, since they are newly established and still under construction, in addition the list of their population have to be regulated and checked.

The Saharawi liberated municipalities are: Tifariti, Bir Lehlou, Mijek, Dugaj, Mheiriz, Tigist, Zug and Agwainit. (SPS)



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