Afrika Kontakt receives award for its work against the EU- Morocco fisheries agreement

Copenhagen (Denmark), Oct 31, 2011 (SPS) - The Danish NGO Afrika Kontakt (Africa Contact) received Sunday the Danish People’s Movement year Award for its work against the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement that illegally included Western Sahara.

“This year the price goes to an organization that is not afraid to criticize when the EU pillages in Africa,” said Sunday Mr. Lave Knud Broch, member of the Danish People’s Movement against the EU in his address at their national Congress.

He underlined that since the situation in Western Sahara is yet to be clarified “has no right to sell the natural resources of Western Sahara, adding “this means that Morocco does not have the right to sell fishing rights from Western Sahara to Europe. It can be compared with handling stolen goods.”

Morten Nielsen from Afrika Kontakt who received the Price said in his acceptance speech, “We are pleased to collaborate with the People’s Movement. For many Danes it is hard to understand how difficult is really to influence EU processes. You should really make an effort just to be allowed to see a shred of what it does, for example in relation to the fisheries agreement with Morocco.”

“It is not an easy thing. The EU has obstructed the democratic process on the fishing agreement with Morocco,” he wondered, asking those who wanted to read the agreement before it was passed could only do it in a confined space and under surveillance by security guards.

The Danish People’s Movement Award is given to a person or an organization in the past year or in past decades who has made efforts in the EU-resistance and thus helped to promote the values of democracy, social justice and international solidarity. (SPS)



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