ْMhamed Khaddad: Ross visit to occupied Western Sahara “new turning point” in UN dealing with Saharawi matter

Chahid Al Hafed (refugee camps), Nov 2, 2012 (SPS) - POLISARIO Front has confirmed that that visit of the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy Mr. Christopher Ross to occupied Western Sahara constitutes “a new turning point” in the UN and international community’s dealing with the Saharawi question.

“The visit constitutes an end of tug of war between the international community, represented in the UN Secretary General, in one hand and members of the Security Council and Morocco on other hand existed since May,” Saharawi Coordinator with the MINURSO Mr. Mhamed Khaddad told Friday Saharawi National Radio.

He underlined that the international community forced Morocco to accept this visit under UN conditions and not Morocco ones, adding that Ross have stayed at UN headquarters in occupied El Aaiun, moved in UN cars and selected the meetings by himself.

Mr. Khaddad pointed out that Ross historic visit to occupied El Aaiun, capital of Western Sahara, have enabled the Saharawis, for the first time for over 20 years since the creation of MINURSO, to enter into its headquarters, considering this “the beginning of new relations” reflecting dictates of the recent report by the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon presented to the Security Council last April.

“International community cannot be informed about the reality of what is happening in the occupied Saharawi territories, unless the Territory is opened before diplomats, journalists and NGOs, as to enable the Mission officers to get in touch with the citizens, and allow the Saharawi citizens to get into the UN headquarters to convey their concerns and preoccupations,” he added.

Khaddad also indicated that the United Nations could, on occasion of Ross visit and prior, to see the peaceful resistance waged by the Saharawi people for years.

He highlighted that the demonstrations which took place Thursday in occupied El Aaiun and Dakhla honestly demonstrated a unity and determination by the Saharawis to achieve victory, praising in this respect mobilization of all Intifada (uprising) leaders in the streets to confront the occupation and to give the grassroots’ best example. (SPS)



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