Western Sahara

Western Sahara: AU PSC request UN SC to "make every effort to expedite" process of decolonization

Addis Ababa, March 29, 2015 (SPS) - The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU) has asked the United Nations Security Council (UN) to "make every effort to expedite the process of decolonization of Western Sahara ", indicatedSaturday a communiqué of the organization.
The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 496th meeting held on 27 March 2015, adopted the following decision on the situation in Western Sahara:

Sahrawi FM welcomes AU’s decision to re-launch Western Sahara decolonization process

Algiers, April 1, 2015 (SPS) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, welcomed Tuesday, in Algiers, the “historic and crucial” decision of the African Union (AU) to re-launch the decolonization process of Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony.

President of Republic receives Saharawi delegation to World Social Forum

Boujdour (refugee camps), April 1, 2015 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz on Tuesday evening received the Saharawi delegation to the World Social Forum, hosted by Tunis on 24-28 April 2015.

Addressing the audience, President Mohamed Abdelaziz expressed satisfaction for the performance of the delegation at the Forum, hailing their efforts to educate the participants, especially Tunisians, about the plight of the Saharawi people.

Sahrawi Government calls UNSC to support AU decisions for the decolonization of Western Sahara

 Shaheed Elhafed (Refugee Camps), March 31, 2015 (SPS) - The Government of the SADR and the Polisario Front has called on the United Nations Security Council to support the decisions of the African Union, in its capacity as the first partner of the United Nations in the peace process in Western Sahara, said Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek in a press conference in Algiers.

"Solidarity with Saharawi People" new book published in Peru

Lima (Peru), March 31, 2015 (SPS) - The Federation of Journalists of Peru exhibited a new book under the title "Solidarity with the Saharawi People" in the framework of its third book exhibition 2015 of the Congress of the Republic of Peru, organized by the Editorial Fund of the Congress with the aim to promote the culture of reading and the cultural activities in general, according to the Peruvian Council of Solidarity with the Saharawi People (COPESA).

Military manoeuvres of Sahrawi government in Tifariti

Tifariti (Liberated Zones), March 30, 2015 (SPS) - Military manoeuvres were organized Sunday, by the 2nd military region of the Sahrawi Liberation Army, in the liberated territories of Tifariti (Northern Western Sahara), sources said.
They are “routine manoeuvres,” said Sahrawi political and military officials, adding that the manoeuvres of Tifariti are “carriers of messages to the UN, international opinion and the enemy.”

Morocco bans two Norwegian activists from visiting occupied city of Dakhla

Dakhla (Occupied Territories), March 30, 2015 (SPS) - The Moroccan occupation authorities prevented two Norwegian activists from traveling to the occupied city of Dakhla without providing convincing reasons for this prohibition.
According to Sahrawi human rights sources, Moroccan security and military officials arrested activists Thea Njastad and Martine Jahre Sunday morning in Imitlan locality, a hundred kilometers north of the occupied city of Dakhla.

New Zealand TV highlights national campaign “No to Plunder of Natural Resources of Western Sahara”

Melbourne (Australia), March 30, 2015 (SPS) -  The New Zealand television highlighted Sunday   in its news the latest protests of the Saharawi people against the involvement of foreign companies complicit with the Moroccan occupation in the plunder of  Sahrawi natural resources.

Khadad denies Moroccan alleged proposals for settlement of Western Sahara conflict

Shaheed Elhafed (Refugee Camps), March 30, 2015 (SPS) - Frente Polisario Coordinator with MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara) M'hamed Khadad has denied there are new proposals for the settlement of the Saharawi conflict, adding that "Moroccan media's allegations in this respect are unfounded."


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