November 2011

EU should protect human rights in occupied Western Sahara

Strasbourg, Nov 30, 2011 (SPS) - A delegation of Sahrawi human rights defenders and  the European Movement of Solidarity with the Saharawi people have visited Tuesday, the European Parliament to request EU protecting  human rights in Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation, according to the Polisario representation to Europe.

Sahrawi diplomat meets Finnish Minister of Foreigner Affairs

Helsinki , Nov, 28, 2011 (SPS)- The Polisario Front representative in Finland, Amaima Mahamud, called Monday on the government of Finland to intervene to support the protection of human rights in occupied Western Sahara, during a meeting with Finnish foreign affairs, Erkki Tuomioja, held  in Helsinki.
The Saharawi diplomat gave a detailed explanation on the latest developments of the Saharawi cause, highlighting the worrying and deteriorating human rights situation in the occupied territories.

Algeria Says Won’t Tolerate the Internationalization of the Syrian Crisis

Algeria Foreign Ministry said on Monday that it stands against the internationalization of the Syrian crisis, preferring rather solving the issue within the Arab-Arab edge.
Algeria FM indicated in a written statement that the approval of the bunch of sanctions by the Arab League against Syria is meant to force the authority there to sign on the monitoring protocol to allow Arab observers to enter the troubled country.

Millions vote in landmark Egypt elections

Country's first free parliamentary ballot in decades enters second day, with turnout so far described as "very high".
Egypt's first free elections for decades have entered a second day, with turnout so far described as "very high".
Logistical problems plagued many polling stations on Monday but the first day of voting passed mostly peacefully.
Egyptians are voting to create the first democratically elected assembly in the country's history.

President of Republic congratulates Prime Minister of Barbados

Bir Lehou (liberated territories) November29,2011(SPS) President of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic(SADR) and Secretary General of the Polisario Front ,Mohamed Abdelaziz, congratulated Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, On the occasion of  45th Anniversary of  Independence of  Barbados.

Inclusion of Saharawi occupied territories within Moroccan parliamentary elections “has no legal basis” (Ould Salek

Algiers, Nov 26, 2011 (SPS) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, considered that the inclusion of the Saharawi occupied territories with the rest of Moroccan territories in the framework of the parliamentary elections “has no legal basis.”

UN Committee against Torture concerned on the situation of human rights in Western Sahara

Geneva, November 26, 2011 (SPS) - The UN Committee against Torture expressed Friday its concern about allegations concerning the situation of human rights in Western Sahara, which is occupied by Morocco.

In its conclusions published in the 47th session, the Committee expressed concern about allegations received on the situation in Western Sahara, where cases of arbitrary arrest and detention, solitary confinement (...) torture and ill-treatments have been reported”

Polisario Front hopes a positive role from Spain with the new government

Algiers, Nov 26, 2011 (SPS) - The Polisario Front’s Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Ahmed Boukhari, expressed Thursday his hope that electing a new government in Spain “would open a new page of relations with the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.”

In an interview with Algeria’s International Radio, Mr. Boukhari wished that the election of a new government in Spain under the leadership of the Popular Party (right) “will open the door towards a new positive role played by this country.”

Brussels: Seminar about Moroccan Shame Wall in Western Sahara

Brussels, Nov 26, 2011 (SPS) - At the initiative of Belgian organizations, a number of European figures, including the European MP Mr. Willy Meyer and assistant professor at Brussels’ Free University Mr. Vincent Shabu, have activated Thursday a seminar on the Moroccan Shame Wall in Western Sahara.

The Seminar was attended by the Saharawi Minister Delegate in charge of Europe, Mr. Mohamed Sidati, and Polisario Representative to Belgium, Mr. Salek Abdrahman.

UESARIO strongly condemns Moroccan authorities’ abuse on the Saharawi students at Casablanca University

Shaheed Al Hafed (refugee camps), Nov 26, 2011 (SPS) - The Saharawi Union of Students (UESARIO) has strongly condemned the blatant abuse committed by the Moroccan occupation authorities against the Saharawi students and expelling them from study on the ground of their attachment to Saharawi people’s right to self-determination.


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