July 2011

Moroccan forces intervenes brutally against Sahrawi citizens in occupied city of Boujdour

Boujdour (Occupied Territories) July 29, 2011 (SPS) - A brutal intervention of the Moroccan army forces against Sahrawi citizens in the occupied city of Boujdour (the third town in Western Sahara) resulted in casualties among them, after they went out in a peaceful march to protest the looting and attrition of the natural resources of Western Sahara, according to sources of the Ministry for the Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad.

All aid to Sahrawis is a political act of support to self-determination

Madrid, July 29, 2011 (SPS)-- Head of Extremadura Parliament Fernando Manzano affirmed Tuesday in the capital Mérida that all humanitarian aid for the Sahrawis must be considered as an "act of solidarity" with the Sahrawi cause and a "political act of support to the holding of self-determination referendum" in Western Sahara, local press reported Wednesday.

Ban Ki-moon names new chief of MINURSO

New York (UN), July 29, 2011 (SPS) - Secretary General Ban Ki-moon named Wednesday Major General Abdul Hafiz as Commander of the Force Commander of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO).
Major General Hafiz, 54, succeeds Major General Jingmin Zhao of China, whose tour of duty ended on 10 April 2011

Aminatou Haidar, citizen of honour of Italian town of Montespertoli

Rome, July 27th, 2011 (SPS) - The Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar, a women symbolizing the peaceful struggle for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, has been awarded "Citizen of Honour" of the Italian town of Montespertoli, announced Montespertoli Town Council in a statement.
The ceremony held for that purpose took place in the presence of the Saharawi representative in Tuscany, Abdella Mohamed Salem, and an invited group of Saharawi children in Italy.

Crash of military plane in Morocco leaves 78 dead

Rabat, July 27, 2011 (SPS) - In one of the worst air disasters in Moroccan history, a military transport plane crashed into a mountain on Tuesday morning in the southern region of the country killing at least 78 people, international media reported Tuesday.
The Hercules C-130, a turbo-prop military transport plane made in the United States, was carrying 12 civilians, 9 crew members, and 60 members of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces.

Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, participates in World Festival of International Socialist Youth

Salzburg (Austria), July 26, 2011 (SPS) - The Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, Mr. Mohamed Mouloud Mohamed Fadel, is participating in the work of the World Festival of International Socialist Youth, which launched Tuesday in city of Salzburg west of the capital Vienna.
More three thousand young people from around the world are taking part in the festival, including a delegation of Sahrawi youth.

Moroccan authorities “prevent” dozens unemployed Sahrawi from peaceful sit-in

El Aaiun (Occupied Territories), July 26, 2011 (SPS) - The Moroccan authorities of occupation prevented Monday dozens of unemployed Sahrawi from taking a peaceful sit-in outside the mandate headquarters in the occupied city of El Aaiun, according to a source of the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad.

SADR Ambassador in Timor-Leste meets its Deputy Prime Minister

Dili (East Timor) July 25, 2011 (SPS) - The Ambassador of the Saharawi Republic (SADR) in Dili, Mr. Mohamed Salama Badi, met Monday at government palace Mr. José Luís Guterres, East Timorese deputy prime minister, according to the SADR Embassy in Timor-Leste.

Paris supports UN efforts to resolve conflict in Western Sahara (statement

Paris, July 24, 2011 (SPS) - The French government announced Saturday that obstructing the talks to find a solution for the Western Sahara cause “does not benefit anyone”, confirming its continuation to support the negotiation for reaching to a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara, French Press Service (AFP) reported.

Saharawi Youth Union vigorously condemns attacks on Norwegian youth camp at Utoeya

Shaheed Al Hafed (refugee camps) July 24, 2011 (SPS) - In a letter reached Sunday SPS, the Saharawi Union of Youth, UJSARIO, has vigorously condemned the vicious deadly attacks that targeted the Norwegian government buildings and the peaceful youth camp at Utoeya, expressing heartfelt condolences to families of the deceased and injured.

Here is complete read of the letter sent by Mr. Moussa Salma, secretary general of UJSARIO, to the Norwegian Labour Youth:

“Norwegian Labour Youth



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